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Create a zone of safety and make shield against infection by buying our surgical disposables, Disposable Surgeon Cap , Disposable Plastic Apron.

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Welcome To Jiya Surgichem Pvt. Ltd.

Surgical disposables are one of the essential parts of healthcare profession, these items not only protect the body parts but creates a zone of safety between both doctors and patients. Our company named Jiya Surgichem Pvt. Ltd. understands this very well that how important is to carry the surgeries without spreading any infection, that is why we manufacture and supply surgical disposables. Since the day of our establishment in the year 2018, our motive has been to produce Latex Surgical Gloves, Disposable Plastic Apron, Plastic Disposable Hand Gloves, Plastic Disposable Veterinary Gloves, Disposable Surgeon Cap, Plastic Shoe Cover, Bio Medical Waste Collection Bag, etc.
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