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Surgical Hand Gloves
Surgical Hand Gloves are designed for keeping the hands free from germs and protected. These are used during medical procedures in hospitals, laboratories, nursing homes etc. Can be accessed in different colors and sizes.
Disposable Caps
Disposable Caps are easy to wear and can be disposed off after the application. These are widely found in hospitals, hotels, resorts, spas and commercial kitchens for covering the head.
Bio Medical Waste Collection Bags
Waste Collection Bags are used for collecting waste or garbage in hospitals, homes, offices, schools and other places. These are made from plastic material and known for eco-friendliness & high storage capacity.
Shoe Cover
Shoe Cover is designed for covering shoes in order prevent them from water, dirt or pollutants. It is also used for other usage such as emergency services, cleanrooms, etc.
Face Masks
Face Masks are used by doctors and surgeons during operations or surgeries in order to stay protected from infectious bacterias and germs. These are featured with rounded ear loops for easy usage.
Disposable Bed Sheets
Disposable Bed Sheets are widely used for hospital beds. These are easy to clean or wipe due to their plastic material. Our offered products require low maintenance and long lasting service life.
Disposable Apron
Disposable Apron is fabricated for medical use. It is worn by the surgeons during surgical procedures for the protection against stains and infections. This product is known for its light weight and disposing properties.
Surgical Gown
Surgical Gown is used by the doctors during operating the patient. This product keeps the clothes of the surgeons clean and free from germs and contaminants. It is easy to wear and wash.
Sleeve Cover
Our company brings forth non woven sleeve cover made from breathable and light weight fabric. Available in standard size, this piece of stitched non woven fabric is used to cover the arm, from wrist to elbow.

PPE KIT is specific clothing that you wear to protect yourself from pathogens. This barrier lowers the possibility of pathogens being touched, exposed to, and transmitted. It aids in the prevention of germ transmission in the hospital. This can help to keep individuals and health-care professionals safe from infections.

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